As a result of the seasonal surge in malaria incidence particularly seen in the Sahel region of northern Nigeria, the BMGF funded the Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention (SMC) project, which involves the administration of full treatment course of antimalarial drugs, was implemented in Katsina state. The project aimed at reducing illnesses and deaths attributable to the disease especially among children under 5. With the project in its second year, a cost analysis was pertinent to determine the financial and economic cost per child to receive a complete course of treatment in all four cycles of seasonal malaria chemoprevention drugs in a transmission round.

Health Systems Consult Limited (HSCL) was contracted to conduct the costing study findings of which informed project implementers, donors and partners on cost of scale-up to other similar regions.

Project Goal

To undertake a costing analysis of implementing Seasonal Malaria Chemoprophylaxis in 4 Local Government Areas (LGAs) in Katsina State, Northern Nigeria.


  • To generate an outline of all financial and economic costs required for design, start-up and actual seasonal malaria chemoprevention delivery through the proposed delivery system
  • To identify the main cost drivers for seasonal malaria chemoprevention delivery (% allocated to each category) and Costs which could benefit from (reduce with) economies of scale (i.e. through scale-up)
  • To determine the economic cost per child of receiving at least the first dose of all four courses of seasonal malaria chemoprevention (acceptably covered).

Related Activities

  • Desk review of relevant secondary documents and Extensive review of reference materials and project documents
  • Design of study tools
  • Study area description,
  • Sample size determination
  • Recruitment and Training of data collectors
  • Data collection and analyses

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