Previous evaluation reports carried out by some key stakeholders in the health sector revealed that there is massive potential in the private sector which can be harnessed to enable developing countries such as Nigeria to achieve better health outcomes which are still at sub-optimal levels. Concerted efforts by the private sector are being made not only to develop innovative solutions to Nigeria’s health problems but also serve as a platform for collaboration between relevant stakeholders in the health sector.

To gain an overview of the marketplace, Private Sector Health Alliance of Nigeria sought the research expertise of Health Systems Consult Limited (HSCL) to lead on landscaping and documentation of the current status of healthcare innovations in Nigeria including the development of a database of healthcare innovations

Project Goal

To create a database of health innovations in Nigeria including details in innovators, partners, funders, locations [State, Local Government Area ward, facility], thematic focus/area, project phase, and type.


  • Identify and document health innovations initiatives in the country
  • Validate innovations of a sample of innovators in seven Phase I States and obtain additional information
  • Identify development partners and private organizations working with or interested in working with innovators and innovations that are of interest to them
  • Create a database and map of health innovations and innovations stakeholders in Nigeria

Related Activities

  • Desk review of existing health innovations
  • Review of existing innovations database
  • Key Informant Interviews in the seven Phase I States
  • Identification of development partners and private organisations.
  • Collection of Geospatial

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