The SIDHAS project funded by USAID through FHI360 was implemented to strengthen Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV using the public health facilities. To ensure a more holistic approach, a need for broader coverage was discovered, hence a private sector engagement with the consideration that many Nigerians patronize the private health facilities and therefore the intervention in public facilities alone would miss out on this very important group.
Through an extensive network of experienced partners engaged in delivering HIV/AIDS prevention, care and support services, Health Systems Consult Limited (HSCL) worked with a broad range of private health facilities in Abia State to provide direct prevention of mother to child transmission services (PMTCT) and build the capacity of service providers to offer quality prevention of mother to child transmission services.

Project Goal

To increase access to SIDHAS intervention through the engagement of private health facilities In Abia State.


  • To improve the capacity of private health facilities in Abia State in providing integrated HIV/AIDS services
  • To actively participate in advocacy and mobilization for prevention of mother to child transmission

Related Activities

  • HIV testing for pregnant women and the general population
  • Provision of Antiretrovirals for prevention of mother to child transmission for HIV positive pregnant women at ANC and postpartum and for exposed infants
  • Provision of Antiretrovirals for post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP)
  • Early infant diagnosis services for HIV exposed infants through dried blood sample transfer for DNA-PCR test
  • Referral of HIV positive individuals from the general population.
  • Improving the capacity of the private health facility staff in documentation and the use of National Health Management Information System.
  • Recruitment and training of personnel for data collection
  • Desk review of relevant secondary documents
  • Collection of primary data
  • Analyze primary data
  • Development of a final report on findings for the client

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