The project involved the assessment of the organisational capacity of shortlisted sub-recipients to successfully implement the Global Fund HIV/AIDS Grants and the development of a capacity-building plan where gaps where identified. Sub-recipients were then ranked according to (a) those who had the capacity to commence implementation (b) those who could commence implementation and fill observed capacity gaps while implementing (c) those were capacity gaps that must be addressed before any disbursement.
The organisations assessed include FHI 360, APIN (AIDS Prevention Initiative in Nigeria), CIHP (Center for Integrated Health Program), Hygeia, PPFN (Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria), and IHVN (Institute of Human Virology).

Project Goal

To assess the organisational capacity and develop capacity-building plans for the sub recipients of the Global Fund grants.


  • Assessment of the capacities of the Sub-recipients in the area of program management, monitoring and evaluation, financial management and supply chain management to identify related capacity gaps
  • Provide actionable recommendations on the assessed capabilities of the sub-recipients to inform the development of a capacity building plan

Related Activities

  • Participated in inception/preparatory meetings with the client for the planning of the project
  • Developed implementation plan for the assessment exercise
  • Developed a finalized assessment tool used for the assessment exercise
  • Conducted capacity reassessments of proposed sub-recipients in conformity to the Global Fund guidelines
  • Presented findings of the assessment
  • Development and dissemination of a final report to the client

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