A significant proportion of health care providers particularly in the private sector still practice presumptive diagnosis and treatment for malaria. With a view of addressing this problem, Health Systems Consult Limited (HSCL) executed baseline and midline surveys for Quality-Assured Rapid Diagnostic Tests (QARDTs) with the support of the Malaria Consortium under the auspices of UNITAID. These surveys sought to evaluate the uptake of rapid diagnostic technology for prompt malaria detection.

Project Goal

To evaluate the uptake of quality-assured rapid diagnostic tests for prompt malaria detection.


  • To provide State-specific estimates for the uptake of QARDTs
  • To determine access to and affordability of QARDTs for malaria
  • To assess the quality of malaria case management
  • Assess adherence to treatment algorithms and quality of care.

Related Activities

  • Design of assessment methodology
  • Development of evaluation tools
  • Recruitment and training of personnel for data collection
  • Desk review of relevant secondary documents
  • Collection of primary data
  • Analyzing primary data
  • Development of a final report on findings for the client

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