Society for Family Health (SFH) was a Principal Recipient of the Global Fund malaria grant under the new funding model in Nigeria. In line with the National Malaria Strategic Plan (NMSP) 2014 – 2020, Society for Family Health implemented a social mobilization project intending to increase community awareness and promote positive behavioural change for increased uptake of recommended malaria interventions. Health Systems Consult Limited (HSCL) was contracted as an independent research agency to conduct an end line evaluation of social mobilization activities with a specific focus on infection, prevention and control activities implemented between October 2015 and December 2016. The evaluation was intended to provide recommendations that will inform better programming for social mobilization in the national malaria response. Data was collected through qualitative and innovative qualitative research methodologies that involved the use of the most significant change technique to collect information on the project’s impact on target beneficiaries.

Project Goal

To measure the impact of the social mobilization intervention specifically the inter-personal communication intervention.


  • Review social mobilisation strategies and processes to determine their suitability towards meeting the social mobilisation goal
  • To identify the measurable achievements of Global Fund Malaria social mobilisation interventions (comparing targets with achievement & target population reached, knowledge or awareness of an aspect of Malaria control)
  • To identify best practices that have resulted in the optimal achievement of the project’s social mobilisation goal
  • To develop recommendations for improving social mobilisation practices

Related Activities

  • Development of research methodology, protocol & tools
  • Data collection
  • Collation, cleaning, and data analysis
  • Report development

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