The Nation Supply Chain Integration Project (NSCIP) is an ambitious and innovative initiative anchored on the need to facilitate the development of an integrated supply chain for health commodities in Nigeria. The project was executed through the National Products Supply Chain Management Programme (NPSCMP) under the Department of Food and Drugs Services (DFDS) of the Federal Ministry of Health with the support from major international donors. A baseline assessment of the supply chain systems of health commodities revealed:

  1. Federal and State institutions responsible for health commodities supply chain management are grossly under-funded and lack capacity to deliver their mandate
  2. Government, donors & private sectors act independently with multiple parallel supply chains
  3. Ineffective last-mile distribution systems
  4. Weak data management systems
  5. Waste and expiry of medicines in warehouses.

Project Goal

To address the challenges and strengthen the institutional framework of the Nigeria Supply Chain Management Programme


  • To integrate the National Health Supply Chain for HIV, Malaria, TB, and Vaccines, Family & Reproductive Health to improve access and availability of medicines to all Nigerians.
  • To develop a streamlined, cost-effective, and ultimately more sustainable National Health Supply Chain.
  • To further engage with the private sector through public private partnerships to boost supply chain capacity, accelerate performance improvement and deliver minimum pharmaceutical standards in storage and distribution.
  • To strengthen National Health Supply Chain Management capabilities at both Federal and State levels via LMCUs to improve control and sustain performance in the long term

Related Activities

  • Development of Nigeria’s 1st ever National Policy for Supply Chain Management for Public Health Programmes
  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for quantification and forecasting, product selection, warehousing, waste management, etc.
  • Establishment and capacity-building of the National Products Supply Chain Management Programme Data Station now leading quarterly and performance management report

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