The Primary Health Care delivery remains the weakest link in the health care system – only approximately 1 out of every 5 primary health care center is functional – without significant and drastic intervention at this level, Nigeria is not likely to achieve the health-related sustainable development goals.

The Government of Nigeria as part of its commitment to achieving universal health coverage is set to revitalise the primary health care system by ensuring the functionality of 10, 000 primary health care centers – at least 1 functional primary health care center per political ward in Nigeria – to provide quality primary health care to 100million Nigerians. The scale-up of the 10,000 primary health service across the country was based on the key principle of long-term sustainability. Thus, the States will play a critical role in implementing the project and ensuring the expected outputs and outcomes are achieved.

Project Goal

To provide options for the governance, financing and operations of Primary Health centers to improve their performance and impact on the Nigerian Health systems.


  • Ensure equity in access to primary health care services
  • Ensure health care services provided are of the appropriate quality
  • Protect the poor and vulnerable from suffering financial hardship in accessing primary health care

Related Activities

  • Definition of structures for accountability and transparency across the different government Ministries, Departments and Agencies which provide oversight of the primary health center’s functions.
  • Definition of options for managing the operations of the primary health centers and consideration of public-private partnerships (outsourcing models) to drive efficiency and effectiveness.

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