The African Risk Capacity (ARC), a specialized agency of the African Union (AU) provides financial tools and infrastructure to help the AU Member States to manage disaster risks and improve response to disasters by reducing the time it takes to mobilize financing for the response. This is achieved through the combination of three critical elements: early warning, contingency planning, and insurance.
HSCL is contracted to execute workstream 2 of the project, which includes supporting the development of Outbreaks & Emergency contingency planning standards, guidelines, and templates that member states can adopt as well as develop country-specific, pathogen-specific contingency plans. Selected pathogens for pilot implementation in Uganda and Guinea include Ebola, Marburg, Lassa Fever and Meningitis. HSCL is also supporting African Risk Capacity in strengthening its technical review mechanism for contingency planning to improve efficiencies.

Project Goal

To support AU member states to improve their capacities to better plan, prepare and respond to extreme weather events & natural disasters.


  • To undertake a review of current global practices of responding to outbreaks & epidemics
  • To develop standards, guidelines and templates for outbreak and epidemic contingency planning based on existing international standards
  • To support pilot countries to develop country-specific, pathogen-specific contingency plans using the standards, guidelines and templates
  • Support the review and revision of the current African Risk
  • Capacity structure for outbreaks and epidemics.

Related Activities

  • Review of existing international standards for responding to outbreaks and epidemics.
  • Development of contingency planning templates
  • Revision of the organization structure of African Risk Capacity
  • For outbreaks and epidemics to reflect current realities.