Evaluation of the choices and availability of family planning services in Lagos State: A secondary analysis of census-based health facility assessment data from Noi Polls

International Journal of Medical and Health Sciences Research 2023 Vol. 10, No. 1, pp. 1-17. ISSN(e): 2313-2752 ISSN(p): 2313-7746 DOI: 10.18488/9.v10i1.3303 © 2023Conscientia Beam. All Rights Reserved.   Maxwell Obubu1+ Nkata Chuku2 Alozie Ananaba3 Rodio Diallo4 Firdausi Umar Sadiq5 Emmanuel Sambo6 Oluwatosin Kolade7 Tolulope Oyekanmi8 Kehinde Olaosebikan9 Oluwafemi Serrano10 1,2,3,6,7,8,9Health Systems Consult Limited, Jabi, Abuja,…

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Accelerating the HIV Epidemic Control

Stakeholders Engagement HSCL ACE 3 team organized a Planning Meeting on 3 days training of indigenous Midwives, PMTCT FP, CBO PMTCT FP, on ethical HIV testing and referral networking held at SMoH SOML conference hall on 4th November 2022 in Zamfara state. The objective of the meeting was to conduct effective planning for the said…

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Community System Strengthening

Community System Strengthening The ACE 3 projects implements care and support services through Community Based Organizations-as part of sustainability strategies and promotion of state ownership of activities. The project continues to partner with the Government and community gate keepers to build their capacity to respond and contribute to the ending the HIV epidemic. The ACE…

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