HSCL provides healthcare consulting services that are as wide ranging and diverse as the healthcare field itself. From small, one day engagements to large, multi-year undertakings, our team of consulting professionals are accustomed to handling the varying needs of today’s healthcare providers.

Our clients seek us out for a variety of reasons. Some of those reasons may have to do with strategic planning, policy development, health financing, monitoring and evaluation, facility setup etc. But whatever the reason, our healthcare consultants bring a collection of proven experience, technical ability, and infectious energy to every project.

Our healthcare consulting services are provided by a team with hands-on, real-world experience in the areas listed below.

Health Programmes Design and Implementation

We partner with our clients in the design and implementation of public health and development programmes through the provision of technical assistance with the application of up-to-date innovations.

Health Systems Strengthening

HSCL provides expert solutions that address the key constraints of Health Systems Strengthening, with an aim to improve access, quality and uptake of health services as well as creating solutions for monitoring and evaluating the health systems with regard to processes and outcomes.

Strengthening Procurement and Supply Chain System

An essential element for strengthening health systems is a well-functioning procurement and supply chain system. Employing proven best practices, we carry out assessments and development of policies and strategies for health and development-related products and supply chain systems. We also provide technical assistance for improving coordination and integration of Procurement and Supply Chain Management Systems for improved efficiency.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Research

Leveraging on our experience and expertise, we work with clients in developing M&E plans, assessing the effectiveness of plans, designing and conducting assessments and evaluations, and assessing defining Health Management Information Systems (HMIS).

Policy Analysis and Development

We provide clients with technical assistance services to support the review and development of sector-wide and programme-specific policies.

Human Resources for Health

We have the capacity to work with clients in developing and implementing HRH strategic plans and in building the knowledge and capacity they require to effectively manage and sustain their organizations, workforce, programmes/projects. Our service areas cut across development of HRH strategic plans, health workforce planning, workload analysis, capacity building and temporary placement of consultants for defined projects/timelines.

Health Facility Set-up Consultancy

HSCL has proven expertise in the provision of consultancy services for the setup of health facilities. Our services range from market surveys to financial modelling for the establishment of private and public health facilities at all levels.

Health Financing and Economic Reviews

Adopting current approaches of health financing, we work with clients to develop innovative financing strategies, design and assess health insurance schemes and carryout cost and economic evaluation of health programmes.

Capacity Building

We provide capacity building strategies and knowledge management solutions that bridge the knowledge gap in any workforce.